We are a family run business dedicated to supplying high quality products to our customers either online or via our Burford shop.


The Hat Department at our Burford Shop..

Burford High Street lacks for almost nothing. But, up until now, it did lack a hat shop dedicated to the amazing success of British milliners who are now so resurgent in the fashion world. We focus on occasion hats of all kinds. We are proud to say that the milliners we represent have created hats that are regularly worn by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton as was. As a fashion ambassador with global presence, the Duchess of Cambridge’s personal flair in topping off an outfit with a great hat has helped bring some great British designers to world attention. We are proud to say they are now also on Burford’s High Street!


All the occasion hats on display are handmade, many of them right here in Britain. We have hand-knitted hats, felt hats and berets and children’s winter-warmers and gloves for the very cold snaps we are promised are on their way over the next few weeks and months.

There’s something immensely cheering about trying on a hat or two. Somehow a hat flatters you – makes you feel good and look great, no matter what else is going on. So why not come in and try on a few. It’s a real theatre with your head as the star! And you need not worry about boring your friends – there’s an infinite variety of books they can browse from a comfy armchair if they want to let you get on with the show!

And if you can’t find anything you like, we can organise for a hat to be made especially to your order – bespoke, but at a standard price! That’s the advantage of having some of the world’s best hat makers so close to home!

Did we mention the hatboxes? There’s nothing like a hatbox to make the thing you put inside appear both insanely extravagent and immensely grand. So why not big up a gift of whatever kind with star treatment of the hatbox kind…

The Book Department at our Burford Shop..

The towns and villages of the Cotswolds quite possibly boast the greatest density of high quality independent bookshops in the UK, if not Europe. We are proud to continue the tradition of providing a rich browsing environment and hands-on access to high quality books on Burford’s High Street. A good bookshop adds to the quality of life of every member of the community by reflecting the interests and passions of one and all. Given this, it is a tragedy that elsewhere in the country bookshops are closing down at the rate of one a week – with over 2,500 closures in the last five years alone. Nearly 700 towns of sizeable population now have no bookshop at all.

In this climate we feel exceptionally privileged to serve the needs of Burford which consistently ranks as one of the best places for quality of life here or abroad. We take our part in contributing to the buzz and bustle of everyday life here in Burford very seriously. We are seeking to put ourselves squarely on the publishers’ maps so we can host author tours, book signings, and talks from writers of every kind.


We are proud of the way our local schools and libraries organise literary events and will do our best to support these at every level. Most of all, we love to read and talk about books. So we hope we can support regular drop-in readings (of classics and Cotswold favourites), book clubs, literary study groups, break-into-books groups and creative engagement with GCSE and A level groups. We will post details for each of these groups as we explore and understand the level of interest in them – while working closely with everyone around us who may have a stake in their success.